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The Day You Said Goodbye

Im not prepared for living alone
Although I'm okay still I'm sad
Knowing you'll be out of my sight
And I'll missed your presence
The moments we're together
The moments we've shared
Yes, I guess I could not accept that
The feeling of sadness is within me
After learning the news
After hearing your words of Goodbye...

Thinking of you is a terrible mistake
Wanting to be with you make things worst
I Guess I'm not the same anymore
Many changes happen to me
Knowing you're no longer here
The one who makes me laughed
And the reason why I live
Tell me what happen to us
Why do I have this feeling?
That I no longer want to live?

My love for you already build a strong foundation
That somewhere,somehow we'll be together
But you prove me wrong..really wrong
The moment you utter your words of goodbye
You almost kill me
I was really disappointed
I thought this would really last
But it seems now it's a nightmare whenever I recall
Even if you tell me you love me before....it hurts me
Cause now partways has come to us.. I have to accept

My love for you has taught me everything
That I have to love myself first before anything else
I've got to a very strong emotion that for now hurts me
But now I'm learning to accept
That even though I love you
Everything has changed...yes, everything
Don't worry I'll be okay someday
Somehow I'll find my way to the right one
Even if it's not you anymore
I'll thank God if he'll love me more...
Nerissa Arcega
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