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Are You Just a Shadow of the Person That You Could Really Be? By Gary Simpson

Next time you go outside during the day I want you to look at your shadow. That dark outline of your image on the ground is not the real you. It's just an outline of you.

The shadow that you cast is temporary. There is no substance to it. It moves, it changes shape and it disappears when the sun goes behind a cloud or when you are shielded by something larger than yourself.

Let's now use this analogy to define your success. Is your success full-bodied or is it an ever changing, ever moving, often disappearing shadow of unfulfilled promises? Unfortunately, for most people that is exactly what it is.

Are you committing time, effort and resources to your goals or are you flitting from one scheme to another aimlessly searching for that elusive thing called success?

Success will not fall out of the sky and into your lap. It doesn't work that way. You need to attract it by doing the things necessary to pave the way. You need to make a stand - put in solid effort. You need to commit and you need to apply discipline to achieve anything worthwhile.

I would be prepared to bet that with effort, commitment and discipline you could be so much more than the person that you are right now. So, are you going to be true to yourself or are you prepared to be just a shadow of what you could really be?

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