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The Stepping Stones of Success Are All Named By Gary Simpson

Let's face it. Do you really expect success to fall out of the sky and into your lap with little or no effort on your part? Many people do. That's why they do nothing, achieve little and complain so often.

Why do so many people pin their hopes on lotto, gambling on horses, betting at the casinos and engaging in every dopey scheme ever invented? I'll tell you why. You probably already know why. They all want the lazy way to success.

That is why the ridiculous Nigerian scam letters are still doing the rounds after five or more years. You would think that they would be dead as a doornail by now but they are still roping people in. Any scheme that promises so much for so little will always attract people hoping to make something out of nothing. Well, let's stop fooling around with success.

You will never stop evil people from preying on the unwary, the weak and the naive in their pursuit of wealth and riches. That's what drug dealers, bank robbers and scammers are all about.

The pathway to success is often long and arduous. That is why it is trodden by so few. It is littered with those who gave up along the way.

The stepping stones of success are all named - commitment, goal-setting, discipline, morality, willpower, purpose, effort, relentlessness, ethics, willingness and a whole host of others. Tread that path and at the end of it you will find the destination that you seek. Deviate along the way and you will become just another statistic.

Success can be yours but will you follow the path? That is the question.

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