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Dreams Come True By Deb Melton

Remember when you were a kid of oh, seven or eight? Itís the last day of school and you have the whole summer ahead of you! Remember the excitement you felt as you left school to walk home or take the school bus with your friends? Remember how loud and excited your voices were? What were you talking about? Your plans for the summer, right? Your dream of what a wonderful summer it would be, filled with days at the pool or the lake, swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, maybe even going to camp.

What else did you dream of when you were a kid? Did you ever spend time dreaming of what your life would be like when you grew up? How close is your life to that dream? Do you have some dreams that you have given up on? Does that make you feel depressed or angry?

Having spent time in California at Dream Coach Universityô, being personally trained by Americaís Dream Coachô, Marcia Wieder, I am convinced more that ever that you or anyone can make your dreams come true! At Dream Coach University I learned a process that is simple, yet not easy, but when used will allow you to live the life of your dreams!

So, itís summer. What are you dreaming of? No dream is too big or too small. Your dreams are important. And the one step to making them a reality is to share them with someone and make a request. So let me share my dream with you.

Fulfilled, millionaire minds avoid parasitic weaknesses such as insecurities, bad habits, self-doubts and disgruntlement. Yet our economy feeds off of human weakness: You must live the dream; you m...
Ever hear about someone eating something spicy, and once they get the spices down, it makes them start sweating?Well, the other day I was eating lunch with a friend of mine -- Mexican food -- and im...


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