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Success Comes To Those Who Rest By Terry Wisner

Well autumn is here! Football, trips to the orchard, Halloween, shorter days and cooler nights. Shorter days are the signal to the trees that it is time for them to rest. As the days get shorter and shorter, the trees have less light available for photosynthesis to take place. Do you remember Photosynthesis? Photosynthesis is the process where water from the root system is combined with carbon dioxide and sunlight to form glucose, or food, for the plant or tree. So as the amount of beneficial sunlight decreases, trees begin to store “food” for the upcoming winter. The leaves are no longer needed, so they are shed. The tree then “rests.”

Every living thing in nature rests or sleeps. The experts say we humans need about eight hours of sleep every 24 hours. (By the way, I’m not sure sleeping through a Lion’s game or a NASCAR race counts.) Other things sleep or rest in different ways. Our cats sleep about 18 hours every day by taking “cat naps.” The Koi fish in our pond, rest about five months during the winter. The point is, every living thing requires some sort of quality rest.

And to get quality rest, we must, like the trees, be prepared. By that I mean, as we end our day, we must take a mental inventory of the days events. The good and the bad. Decide what can be done, if anything, to prevent the bad things from happening again and commit to do it. Then focus on the positive things that happened throughout the day: The sales call that closed with new revenue, the great conversation you had with coworker, the new thing you learned, saw, heard. Whatever upbeat and positive things happened or optimistic goals were set, let that be your focus. These helpful, positive reflections will lead to a restful night.

To me the old saying, “no rest for the weary,” means we won’t rest well if we go off to sleep with our minds full of negative or troublesome thoughts. So like the trees shed their leaves when they are no longer needed, you too should shed your concerns before going to sleep every night. Focus on the good things that happened today and the great things that are going to happen tomorrow as you are Partnering To Success.

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