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How Long Will It Take to Succeed? By Josh Hinds

We live in a time where we want things yesterday. If not yesterday then today! Trust me, at times I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to this line of thinking. Many things are responsible for our adopting this attitude.

In particular look at the example of e-mail, where we can send something in a split second and if the person's on the other end we can have our confirmation in no time flat.

The problem with being conditioned into this frame of mind is that achievement, with regards to our goals rarely works on the same time line.

I have a feeling you can relate to this right? I know I can :-) Instead what is far more common in life is that we go through a series of "no's" before we ever get to our desired "yes".

Therefore my friend it is absolutely essential to our own success that we adopt an attitude of persistence. If someone says no, be willing to move forward and try again. Above all else remember that all good things often take time. After all if they didn't we wouldn't have much to look forward to would we? Keep on keeping on!

-- Here's to your success, Josh Hinds

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