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Kindness Motivation Tips Help You Make a Difference and Change the World By Ginny Dye

Many times, we’d like to get more involved in our communities, but don’t know where to start. Do you want to make a difference in your area or neighborhood? Do you know what you can or want to do? Or do you need some ideas -- some kindness motivation tips?

The following five kindness motivation tips are from the E-book, 101 Ways to Change the World. I’ve done the hard part for you – finding things to do that make a difference. Now all you have to do is choose one or more kindness motivation tips and get started!

1. If you have artistic talent, use it to create a mural for your

  • Local school
  • Hospital ward
  • Local shelter, etc.
  • Use your talent to make a difference by beautifying your community and brightening the areas you live in.
  • 2. Start your own mini-nursery to beautify areas in your community if you have a green thumb or want to give it a try.

  • Most shrubs can be rooted from a cutting.
  • Ask your local nursery for extra pots, or let your community know you need them (you’ll get plenty!).
  • Buy some rooting compound
  • Dip the cuttings and plant them in your pots full of potting soil.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask an expert for their help.
  • When your new plants are established, plant them all over town or in people’s yards. It won’t cost you much, but the rewards will be huge.
  • 3. Start your own ‘Annual Seedling Trays’ when it is the right time in your area.

  • Many people can’t afford to buy plants from a nursery.
  • Start them yourself from seed.
  • Give them to people in your community.
  • 4. Organize a Sports Day for community children to let them know they are special.

  • Mix competition and just plain fun that doesn’t have winning as the objective.
  • Everyone should be able to enjoy sports – no matter what their skill level is.
  • 5. Put together a program for the children of migrant workers.

  • Enlist the community center and area churches to give you a place to meet
  • Play games, make crafts, etc.
  • Without a program like this, many of the kids would be left in hot cars all day while their parents work.
  • There you have them – five kindness motivation tips to help you make a difference in your community. Remember, it’s not the size of what you do that matters. It is simply that you choose to do it. The energy that pulsates through the universe when people give has the power to change the world. We just have to get enough energy flowing through millions of people committed to changing their world with one small kindness Every Day!

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