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Are You Relentless in Your Pursuit of Success? By Gary Simpson

You want to be successful. But what are you prepared to do to create that success? Are you relentless? That is, do you just keep going when the times get tough? There will be tough times, of that you can be assured.

I heard a funny joke a while ago and I think it is pertinent to share it with you here. It's got a lot to do with relentlessness. Here it is:

A duck waddled into a bar and said to the bartender: "Got any wheat?"

The bartender was quite taken aback by a talking duck but said: "No."

The duck asked again: "Got any wheat?"

Again the bartender replied in the negative.

So, the duck asked again: "Got any wheat?"

By now the bartender was getting angry. "No. We don't have any wheat and if you ask me again I will nail your bill to the bar."

The duck blinked then said: "Got any nails?"

The bartender rolled his eyes and yelled: "No. We don't have any nails!"

The duck blinked again and said: "Got any wheat?"

I know it is a silly joke but it does demonstrate my point. In many respects you have to have the relentlessness of the duck.

Have you ever witnessed a child wanting something? Do they ever relent? They are single minded in what they want and will tell you over and over again. "I want... I want... I want..." Often they get what they want because it is easier for a parent to submit than resist the relentless requests. Most children are like this.

Somewhere along the way from child to adult we lose our relentlessness. Maybe it is the "conditioning" we receive by consistently being told "no!" Maybe we just get lazy.

Some people refuse to accept defeat. Maybe they are also the ones who refuse to give up their child-like relentlessness. Not co-incidentally these people are also the achievers in life. They will not be stopped. They find a way through, around, over and under obstacles.

Obstacles will always be put before you. How you deal with them will determine your level of success.

Being relentless can bring you success. Just observe children.

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