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"Tuning In" To "Success" By Jeanette Clinger-Hurley

“Tuning In” To Your Destiny

Like fine tuning a radio to receive the waves of sound vibration and information, so is it when we fine tune our selves into receiving inspiration from the infinite source of love, strength power and wisdom, the Universal Mind or GOD. As you become more and more in tune, conscious and aware you realize that nothing in our life is a coincidence. We inherently know this is true especially when we experience “daja’ vu” (already been some where, seen or done something in a distant memory or dream). There is an inner “knowing” as Wayne Dyer calls It, a pre-existing knowledge of our divine self and relationship to our higher power with in the bigger picture so to speak. We are intelligent, loving, spirit beings living inside these very fragile and temporal bodies. When you realize you are the same being today that you were before this life in the spirit or energy form, then you also know that we all have a divine purpose or mission. Deepak Chopra calls it our “blue print”, and we are all born with one. It is our job to tune in and remember it. Our ultimate success, happiness and destiny depend on it.

Many believe from all different faiths and walks of life that we chose to come into mortality to get a physical body, to be tested for our growth and development. Weather we choose love over hate, positive or negative, to be serving, loving and forgiving to our fellow beings and if we would live our lives striving to reach toward our full potential is also believed to be part of this life experience. Tuning in to the infinite source of love and power for personal inspiration can help in every aspect of our lives in the attainment of our hopes, dreams, ultimate happiness and success on every level.

To remember your divine self and purpose you must have the intense desire to know. Then through deep heartfelt meditation or prayer, you can ask the divine power for all positive possibilities and pure potentiality to come into your life to assist you in knowing. Study in the areas you are interested in learning or pursuing, and it is your divine right and responsibility to receive your own personal revelation and actually remember your purpose and mission for this life. It is usually aligned with your talents, gifts and interests, witch only makes perfect sense. When you combine what you love to do, with helping others and humanity (remember life is not a competition or race and there is more than enough in the abundant storehouse of the universal mind for everyone) and when you add to it the ability to make a fine living as well, then you have discovered your divine mission or so they call it in the Indian culture, you have found your “Dharma”. This is the ultimate in happiness and success. “Pure Bliss” What more could you ask for? Sadly many find themselves in jobs and life circumstances that they are less than happy in. But don't despair it's never too late to change your life. All you need to do is change your mind and tap into your inner knowing. It's all inside of you. All creation starts with a single thought (negative or positive). So if you don't like where you are at right now change your thoughts, actions, habits and you will change your destiny...

The time is now...the power is in you...and your destiny waits!!! -To having the unwavering “faith and love” of a little child and “be-living”. For there is nothing we cannot conceive or achieve from the “infinite source of love, power and abundance” if we “BELIEVE”.

Sol de Vivre- Jeanette Clinger-Hurley

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