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Ready Fire Aim - Profit Secrets for The New Millennium By Mike Makler

Don't you Mean Ready, Aim, Fire? The Problem with ready aim fire is people who are afraid of failure will never quite finish the aim part so they never have to fire. It's like the 2 Frogs on the Lily pad and 1 decides to jump - how many frogs are on the lily pad?

Their are still 2 Frogs on the little Pad. A Frog decided to jump but didn't. Deciding to take an action is not enough. You actually need to follow through and take that action. Often people suffer from what is called analysis paralysis. They analyze and analyze but never take action. Did you ever wonder why the word Anal accounts for more then 1/2 the letters in Analyze.

By using the Ready, Fire, Aim Method you eliminate that analysis paralysis. You take a positive action to achieve a specific outcome. If the outcome is not quite met, you make minor adjustments (aim) and then Fire again. The Keyword being small adjustments. You keep making small adjustments and fire, I was first Introduced to the Ready, Fire, Aim Method at a Robert Allen Seminar

Think of it like you are trying to hit a bulls eye on a target with a gun. Your first objective is to hit the target. If you miss the target wide right, you just make a minor adjustment to the left and fire again. You keep adjusting left in tiny intervals until you hit the target. When you hit the target you are below and right of the bulls eye. You keep adjusting left until you are directly under the bulls eye and then you start adjusting upwards until you hit the Bulls eye. Ready, Fire, Aim.

It is very simple to apply ready fire aim to the real world. You have a product you want to promote on the Internet (It could be an E-Book, Affiliate Program, Online MLM, Your latest MP3 File from your band) It really doesn't matter what the product is. You create a really bad web page and start to send traffic to it. Now lets assume only 1 in 500 people buy your product from this terrible web page. You are still selling 1 in 500 people. You now create a second web page with only 1 or 2 minor changes, You now send traffic to this web page. If 1 in 490 now purchase this product you have just gotten closer to your bulls eye of 1 in 10. Just keep making small adjustments until you reach your goal.

You will need to go through this phase of tweaking your online sales page to reach your goal it is just a matter of when. If it takes you 3 months to (aim) design a perfect page you will have made no sales in 3 months. Once you do launch this page you more then likely won't hit that 1 in 10 sales bulls eye and you will still have to adjust and fire.

The Ready fire aim method forces you to take action much quicker. The Ready fire aim method allows you to see positive results sooner. The Ready fire aim method allows you to see positive results more often. The Ready fire aim method will allow you to reach your dreams and goals faster.

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