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How to Achieve Financial Freedom and Success By Entjik Jeffrie

Many people want to become successful and financially free, but not very many of them are willing to pay the price of their success and freedom. I have talked to a lot of millionaires and listened to their wisdom. Most millionaires have clear written goals in their life. They understand that when there is no target or goal, it will be very hard to aim at a target or a goal that doesnít exist. They are where they are today because they were willing to pay the price of their freedom. They also understand the power of charity. A generous and giving heart brings prosperity and wealthy

If a person watches TV and plays video games 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, you and I can easily predict where they person is going to be in 5 years. If a person keeps eating fatty food, junk food, sweets and never exercise. You can be sure that person will become overweight in time if he/she keeps doing the same thing over and over for years.

If that person wants to be successful and financially free, he/she may have to change his/her daily habits, because what you do daily will determine your future. If you love to waste your time and love to make excuses, it's time to make the move, start investing in your mind, body and soul! You must discipline yourself in order to create positive habits, because your daily habits will determine your future.

How do I invest in our mind? First of all, fill your mind with useful information. What's coming in, it will come out. If you want to be financially free, there are a lot of books, tapes, and videos that will teach you how to do it. If you want to be good in Real Estate, there are a lot of good resources and study materials on how to do it. Stop making excuses that you can't do this and you can't do that. A baby has to learn how to crawl, before he/she can learn how to walk. I have never seen a baby that stands up and runs the first day he/she was born. They have to go through a process of growing.

Take a baby step of learning and move forward toward your goals and dreams. As long as you know that you are moving forward, keep on going, you will fail and make mistakes, but try to learn from them and move on. People who never make a mistake, they never try to do anything. When you do something new, expect to fail! When you fail, it doesnít make you a failure, you learn why you fail and learn from the lesson from the failure.

Get back up when you fall down. Can you imagine if all the babies in the world tell their parents that they refuse to get back up after they fall down? None of us will be walking today if we refused to get back up after we fell down when we were babies. I know that it is not an easy to stand up after youíve been knocked down, it is painful, but you must stand up again! People drown because they stay in the water too long! You must get out of the water and breathe the fresh air!

Find a mentor! A mentor is a short-cut toward learning; he/she may have learned things that you never learn before. You can learn from your mentorís mistakes and experience, so you donít have to go through what he/she went through. Be willing to humble yourself to sit at the feet of a mentor.

Start investing in your mind and buy books, CDs and videos that will improve they way you think! Napoleon Hills said that everything starts in the mind! Your mind is greatest assets in the world; it's more powerful than the fastest computer in the world! You're responsible to program it; you can program it toward failure or success!

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