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Harness Your Subconscious By Lynn Bradley

Are you frustrated by external circumstances? Is your business failing because of high prices and competition? Have you tried to change external things but failed? The secret to success is not external but internal. The wise man Solomon said, “As he thinks in his heart so is he.”

Your thoughts determine who and what you are. You cannot successfully change from the outside. You must change from the inside. Successful people have learned to control their thinking. They have conditioned their mind to screen out negative, destructive thoughts. They have discovered how to harness their subconscious.

You have a conscious and a subconscious mind. You have to get these two parts of your brain working together. The subconscious mind does not think or reason. It accepts as true whatever your major thoughts are even if they are false. It then goes about making its accepted ideas come true.

Having negative thoughts is like throwing a monkey wrench in machinery. That is why success is so difficult. You decide to do something but have doubts about it. The subconscious hears both positive and negative thoughts and cannot go in two different directions.

Refuse to harbor negative thoughts and do not say them out loud. This cements the idea in the subconscious. The secret of harnessing your subconscious is to continue to have positive thoughts and speak them out loud. Before you go to sleep, repeat several times positive affirmations such as, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” Some continually repeat affirmations like, “I am becoming wealthier every day.” You can repeat whatever you want to achieve.

Your thoughts control your feelings, and feelings control actions. We can also go in reverse. Actions repeated, will control feelings and in turn thoughts. If you act as if you are successful long enough you will feel that you are, and your thoughts will persuade your subconscious to make it come true.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful, capable of doing whatever it is told. It must be without doubts, however. Shakespeare called doubts traitors, making us loose what we often might win by failing to attempt. Many a carefully laid plan has been sabotaged by doubts.

When you harness your subconscious, you will see clearly how to proceed in the correct manner. There is a universal law that states, that you attract what you continually think about. If you fill your mind with garbage from cheap novels that is what you will become and what you will attract. If you think of being kind to others and being successful that is what you will attract.

You must, of course, use good business procedures to be successful. When you convince your subconscious that you are becoming successful, the right choices will come to you. The subconscious is skilled in producing results. It can even heal your body if you convince it that is what you believe.

It is easy to get in touch with your subconscious mind when you are going to sleep. Relax and clear all thoughts from your mind. Wait for things to pop in your mind that you didn’t put there. That is your subconscious taking over. This is a good time to make positive affirmations. When you are a state of semi sleep, you are in close touch with your subconscious.

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