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How The Right Questions Can Change Your Life By Saleem Rana

Your own pressing needs, your long-standing frustrations, would benefit tremendously if you asked an absolute question, a high-quality how question.

If you were to follow up this question with absolute commitment, patience, and discipline your perception would expand to allow more information into your mind. You will find a way to stretch your belief-system to allow more possibilities. You will find creative answers. And, of course, you will find the courage and conviction to follow through with your insights.

The right question will solve your problem. You are always asking questions and answering them; this is part of your internal dialogue, casually referred to as thinking. But real thinking is asking a quality question and expecting an answer. It is sticking with the question until the right answer appears in consciousness.

To ask is to receive. One creates the other. If you ask good questions, you値l receive good answers. If, for example, financial pressure is one of your issues, you might be tempted to ask, why am I so poor? The problem with this question is that you値l find reasons to justify your poverty. If, instead, you ask, how can I become rich? you値l look for ways to increase your skill, you値l dig deep to find your talents, or you値l learn ways to manage your money.

Above all, remind yourself of the famous words of playwright George Bernard Shaw: 鉄ome men see things as they are and say 層hy? I dream of things that never were and say 層hy not?樗

轍uestions, noted Success Coach Anthony Robbins, 都et off a processional effect that has an impact beyond our imaginations.

When we question our limitations, we see how they池e only assumed limitations. When we question the nature of things, we birth science or art. And when we ask absolute, high-quality questions, we break down personal and collective barriers to comprehension, and we open up avenues to progressive action and fundamental change.

Virtually all successful methods of bringing about lasting personal change have revolved around one idea - to actively re-write the internal instruction set that determines our behaviour. In short, ...
的f you can tell the world who you are and what you believe without breaking stride or hesitating, you are happy with yourself. - Neale Donald WalscheI attended a large networking meeting last wee...


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