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Your Words Have Power By Mary Kay Buttery

You teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Make a commitment to honor your word, choose your words carefully, and learn how to follow through on all of your promises. By taking your word more seriously, you will find that you are more confident, your self-respect increases, as does the respect you receive from others.

Here are some how-to-tips that might support you in keeping your word:

Become more aware of what you say to yourself and others through the course of the day. Learning to say less is the precursor for honoring your word. It's much easier to honor your word when you've thought carefully about what you are promising! By promising less, it's more likely you'll be able to deliver. Each time you deliver what you say, you become more credible and your word becomes more meaningful.

Write commitments down, so they don't slip your mind.

Don't just decide to change your mind because something better shows up after you make the initial commitment. (This is case of flip flopping!)

If you truly cannot follow through on a commitment, own it by letting the other party know (no white lies, as you honor your word).

Your word is important and powerful, and has the ability to move mountains. When you say what you mean and do what you say, it gives a message of clarity and power.

In order to be credible, and be someone who can be depended upon to get things done, take your word seriously. The universe does! When you keep your word your life is transformed and becomes a lot more simple and effortless because the universe is quick to deliver all you desire as you have proven you are dependable and you know what you want (no more flip-flopping!).

2005 Mary Kay Buttery

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