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The Way Forward Into Each New Year By George Lockett

As the New Energy comes in take more time for Your-Self.

As we start each New Year, we are moving into a new energy, a new way of thinking about life and living. Just take a few minutes to reflect on the changes that you have noticed in your life and business over the last few months. There has been a major shift in the energies that form the basis of our thinking and our mind and consciousness.

This shift is one of moving forward and leaving behind the old ideas and ways of interacting both in the business world and our personal lives. Whether this is an old job in which you do not have much job satisfaction, a relationships or life styles; just know that change is in the air and it is affecting most of us now. There is a need to be self-sufficient and independent. The changes are moving us from being individuals into being units of a larger more coordinated consciousness.

You may have noticed this in your life as an increase in synchronies. By this I mean being in the right place at the right time to meet with others and form new relationships or businesses. There is also a great need to have time to dream and plan things just within the mind or consciousness. This is a move from your intellect more into your feelings, using your intuition and all your creative processes, to visualise and let life flow from your own creations.

This may lead to a career change or even a period of not doing anything just planning and creating with a bigger potential of gain at the end. There is a need to plan on many levels simultaneously. These will just happen, all I am asking is that you let your conscious mind be aware of the process.

Spend more time watching yourself and checking if what you are doing is serving you. Or should you make changes or bring in new ideas. Also take a little time to see if there is anything, which you are finished with in your environment. Spring is the time to start spring-cleaning.

Spend much more time appreciating yourself and looking after yourself. Get plenty of rest make time to meditate and rebalance your energies.

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