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Out of the Box and Into the Land of Possibility By Ken Donaldson

It is time for you to set yourself free and allow some discomfort in so that you may fully embrace your greatness...

I know “out of the box” is one of the most used up clichés out there, but I couldn’t find anything better. If you live in the box you live a life of predictability, familiarity, and comfortably. In other words, you like to play it safe. Now, if that is what you want, then I say, “Fine...go for it.” However, if you are at all discontent with your life, dissatisfied with your results, and unhappy with where you are at, then it is time to step out.

Imagine that you are standing in front of a huge white board that is 4 feet high and 6 feet long. You now pick up a marker and you take off the cap and put a little dot in the middle of the white board. That dot represents what you know and the grease board represents what all is possible, hence, The Land of Possibility.

In The Land of Possibility everything you do, say and/or try is brand new, unknown and novel to you. However, with this comes uncertainty, discomfort, and awkwardness, all because of the newness and the unfamiliarity that you have there. This is all GOOD!! And, this is exactly what may send you back into your “comfort zone”. Most people do not like to feel uncomfortable so they stay in their comfort zone.

It is important to remember one thing: These are only feelings, they will not harm you and they will pass...honest, they will!!

Therefore, I am recommending that you fire the familiar, which I also call the “Family Liar”. The word familiar comes from the same word that family comes from, and the last four letters spell liar. Something to think about, huh??!!

What I mean here is that you have most likely developed some habits and beliefs that were role modeled to you by your family and that these very habits and beliefs may very likely be holding you back from living in the Land of Possibility. It is time for you to set yourself free and allow some discomfort in so that you may fully embrace your greatness.

See you there...

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