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Successful Living! By Raymond Usbal

We all have 24 hours each day.

No one have more, no one have less. What is then the difference for it is evident that others accomplish more than the rest?

Respect of time

We must realize that time is a limited commodity. Our time on earth is limited, our years are numbered. So we must be wise then to redeem our time.

The desire to grow

You can use all your time digging dirt or you could use some of your time to polish your brain to work in it its higher caliber. The question is, do you have the guts to do it? Are you motivated enough to make a change for good?

Growing is one of the most painful of all experiences. Suffering makes one grow. We didn't plan to suffer but when we refuse to grow or mature, we suffer nonetheless. In that situation, being wise enought, we then make the decision to grow.


We can use our imagination to work for us or against us. You can imagine that there is a lion waiting at the streets to eat you up, thus you are afraid to venture in the open in fear of being eaten up by a lion! So what is your lion? Isn't it just a figment of your imagination that you created so that you can have an excuse to pamper yourself in bed all day?

Your imagination can do you unspeakable good. Take a good look at the city, tell me is there a single building that was built without an architect who designed it first conceptually on paper. Yes all creation starts at the mind. Be careful though that it will not die in there. Let your dreams grow strengthening it continually by feeding your mind with positive thoughts.


Where am I to go? That is one of the most difficult questions I have to answer recently. I have two job offers that compete each other in offered benefits. But that doesn't give me the reason not to decide. As painful as it can be we must make decisions that either break us or make us.

So where do we get our directions? The apostle Paul preached the good news from place to place. Like fire that burns everything in its way so is the apostle preaching the good news of salvation in every place he goes. But not always… at times the Holy Spirit hindered him to enter a certain village to direct him to another one.

So we must be sensitive enough for the leading of the Holy Spirit. The bible also says that the Children of God are led by the Spirit of God.


As important it is to use our time wisely, it is also important to rest. When we rest, we enable our bodies and imagination to recharge itself. Only by resting that we can accomplish more and properly maintain the most important asset in achiving our goals -- our physical bodies.

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