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I Just Did It! By Graham Harris

I succeeded. I achieved my goal. I am successful. I set myself a target and did it. I wanted to do it and I have. I am really pleased with myself. I am so happy I want to tell everyone about my success. I did really well. I performed the best I have ever done. I performed to the best of my ability today. I feel great and am so proud of myself.

I did it.

Others said it was impossible. Others said I would never do it. Others said I could not concentrate for that length of time. Others said I did not have the courage. Others said I was useless. Others said I was not cut out for such a task. Others said I should be happy with what Iíve got. Others said just be grateful and stop all this success thinking. Others said I did not have what it takes.

But I know that is not true because I did it.

I am a success. I have proved that if I want something enough. If I put my mind to succeeding I can achieve. I just did it.

I know that I can do whatever I want to. The only thing that stops me is me.

The more I listen to others the more I move away from my goals and my dreams. I can achieve my dreams because I just did it.

The more I listen to the positive me. The more I tune into the part of my brain that wants me to succeed, the more chance I have. The more I can say. I just did it.

I just did it. I believed in myself enough to take a chance.

I just did it. I followed my instincts.

I just did it. I listened to my inner being.

I just did it. I listened to the brain that is inside my stomach rather than the one inside my head.

I just did it. I followed that part of me that I can only hear when I am quiet.

I just did it. I allowed myself to feel rather than think.

I just did it. I didnít analyse I just went with the flow.

I just did it. I visualised what it was I wanted and went for it.

I am so proud of myself; I followed my path. I finally got it.

To truly get what I need all I have to do is listen to myself. Place one foot in front of the other. Trust the experience and accept whatever happens is for my benefit.

There I just did it.

Good Luck

Graham and Julie

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