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Success - Closely Guarded Secrets By Kenneth Little

You can have the success of anyone you choose by studying the way in which they arrange their life. They will tell you what you need to do. It's rare to find one who'll tell you how to do what they do. Their closely guarded secrets center on a technology called CIAM. This is Complete Internal Agreement Motivation. There are seven steps to reaching a positon of Complete Internal Agreement Motivation.

Clarifying The Thoughts in Your Head

You will have heard it said that you need to be internally focussed to succeed. That's true, but to make any use of that advice you need another key piece of information. To get to a position of effective focus you need complete agreement between the parts of your being. What's required is agreement between your heart, mouth, ears, eyes, feet, and hands.

You can begin now by Clarifying the Thoughts of Your Head. The best way to do that is outlined by the great motivators of out time like John Reese and Tony Robbins. You get notepads and write all that you think you want to get in life and the ways you have selected to get these things. By writing out what you think you want you realize those things you definitely don't want. You also firm up on the things you desire. You put fire in your desire. You have reached Level 1 in developing your successful lifestyle.

Converting The Feelings of Your Heart

Your next step is to write out, examine at length, and reflect upon your feelings about each of the above desires thought about.

Convert your feelings to intense feelings for your new successful lifestyle. Whenever you slip into the negative feelings realm pull yourself back into positive territory. To begin this will take great will power.

But as you train yourself it gets easier. Especially once you have made a decision to reject all negative feelings with regard to your great future.

At this point you have partial ( Level 2 ) Internal Agreement Motivation between your thoughts and feelings.

Containing The Words of Your Mouth

Now you progress to watching the words of your mouth. Each time you speak on subjects relating to your future successful lifestyle you should only make statements that agree with your feelings and thoughts on the subject. You don't say things that are against your great future. This done, you have achieved Level 3 Internal Agreement Motivation.

Constraining The Listenings of Your Ears

Level 4 Internal Agreement Motivation is reached only when you train yourself not to listen to the negatives coming from loved ones and others. They have choice challenges such as "When are you going to get a real job?"

Firmly push away all such challenges as you move on to the next level. Think about the fact that now you are becoming much more motivated in your quest for success because your thoughts, feelings, and the utterances you receive from others are in agreement.

Confining The Glances of Your Eyes

Confining the Glances of Your Eyes calls on you to look only at those things that feed your future success lifestyle. This means keeping your eyes off TV programs that are time wasters.

Take heart from the fact that you have now reached Level 5 Internal Agreement Motivation. You can feel your success motivation growing by the hour and that's mighty empowering.

Conditioning The Steps of Your Feet

Level 6 Internal Agreement Motivation is gained when you make a conscious choice to stay away from places that don't contribute to your development as a successful person. Mark the people that talk against your future prosperity and don't walk anywhere near them. Stay off their known paths.

Controling The Work of Your Hands

Watch closely what you do with your hands. Selling stolen property would be an inappropriate use of your hands. A good use would be to type up your success story to share with others so they can follow your example. This would confirm your high Level 7 Internal Agreement Motivation.

Congratulations you've reached the top. At this highest level the Clarifying of The Thoughts in Your Head agrees with the Converting of The Feelings of Your Heart. Also the Containing The Words of Your Mouth agrees with the Constraining of The Listenings of Your Ears and Confining The Glances of Your Eyes agrees with Conditioning The Steps of Your Feet and finally, Controling The Work of Your Hands

You have arrived at a position of CIAM. For as long as you live you can use this set of closely guarded success secrets and have the lifestyle of your dreams with Complete Internal Agreement Motivation.

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