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More Effective Communication - Weight Loss For Your Mouth By Eric Johnson

Language constitutes our belief system. What we believe is true for us or our version of reality at large. One way of re-patterning our beliefs to give us more of the experiences we want in life is to change the way that we speak. Here are some words to begin the process. Use the substitution words as noted. To further affirm this, use 5 practice sentences where the old word would have been used and use the new word instead. Have fun!

1. Try - Implies Failure

People often use this word to stop short of making a full out commitment. e.g. Try to pick up a pencil Think about Yoda: “….do or do not,there is no try.” In your speech, substitute “will” or “make a commitment”. When someone else uses the word “try”, ask, “does that mean you will?”

2. Can’t - You don’t know how to or don’t want to.

If you don’t know how to then you can learn. If you don’t want to, then that is another issue altogether.

3. But - Negates everything before it.

Replace “but” with “and.” Example: “I want to be a successful investor, but it takes a lot of time” changes to “I want to be a successful investor, but it takes a lot of time.”

4. Hope - Reveals a deficit of assuredness and confidence.

Substitute hope with know. Example: “I hope we can work this out somehow,” becomes, “I know we can work this out somehow.”

5. If - Limiting, because it places conditions on what you want to to accomplish.

It pre-supposes that the goal may be impeded by negative things. Replace “if” with “when.” This word pre-supposes that the accomplishment of the goal in spite of what may come up. “When” exhibits confidence in the outcome that you want to achieve. Example: “if we reach our goal...” vs. “when we reach our goal….”

6. Problem - This may sound trite, but would you rather have problems or challenges?

7. Cost - Everyone likes to make an investment. Consider this: is it really a down payment or an investment? Implementing powerful language creates a different relationship between us and our clients. Think: is it a deposit or an initial investment?? How many things in your life have you been calling costs that are really investments of a type?

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