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Work Smarter Not Harder For Success By Yochention Saritoh

When you are working over time but yet you do not have any money in your saving, then you do not work smart enough. When you are working two jobs, but still can not pay the bills, then you do not work smart enough. Sounds familiar? If you want to help yourself, read on.

May be some of us has heard this term over and over again, and some of us havenít. But what is that really means?

In our life, we usually heard about the old phrase from our parents that are saying, work hard then you will be living a good life. Nowadays, this old saying is not working anymore in today society. Hardworking people nowadays hardly can pay their bills and live from one loan to another. Some of these people even work for two or three jobs to cover their life expenses.

What they do not know is how they can work smarter without work harder. Here are some tips for you, so you can start to work smarter not harder.

First, the most important thing is time and money management. People, who work smarter, know how to manage their time and money. The time and money management is crucial. Successful people in this world know how to manage their time and money wisely.

What I meant by time and money management is that one has to realize that by spending a little time to control and manage a budget for your money will save you a lot of money in the future. For instance, letís say that you try to save $1000 dollar each month. With 10 percent interest rate, you will have $400,000 in 20 years.

Now, do you see why the rich is getting richer? Because they know the value of time and money! Let me clarify this for you. Is it possible to save $1000 dollar a month from your unproductive habit? A lot of people will say yes. So, in shorts, you may want to look at your saving habit, to work smarter.

Second, find a job or business, that can make money to work for you, not the vice versa. Hard working people always work for money, and if you pay attention to all the smart people, the money works for them. Please pay attention that I do not say rich people here.

Now, you might think that you need a lot of money so the money can start to work for you. Guess what, you are wrong! If you see around in your society, there are a lot of people that have the highest paying job, but still work for money, for example, doctors. There are a lot of doctors that works for money. If they lost their job, then they would go bankrupt, simply because they donít work smarter.

There are a lot of businesses out there that require small capital to start with to make money work for you in the long run. For example, network marketing. With network marketing, money will work for you after you have spent enough time and effort to build your network. This usually takes 2 to 3 years to build, depend on your performance. Once your network has been built, the money will start to work for you, and then you will work smarter. Compare it to your office job that you have right now. After two or three years of hard working, what will you get if suddenly you get laid off or you quit your job? You will lose your income!

In addition, with network marketing, you will use all your network effort and money to grow your business. So you do not have to spend so much money in network marketing, but you use the entire network. Thatís why you do not need a big fortune to work smarter and make the money work for you.

Now, I have showed you some early step to work smarter. It is your call, if you want to start to work smarter or you want to work harder. Life is about choices, and choices make this world wonderful.

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