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Success By Nick Arrizza, M.D.

We all define "success" in our own personal way however I would like to suggest that if you follow the thread a bit farther, what ever your definition is, it ultimately has something to do with feeling happy, content, fulfilled, at peace and joyful.

So what ever it is for you: a new BMW, a great ski vacation, a loving family and friends, a new house, a great new job etc., I think you will likely agree that at the end of the day the reason any of these fall into your definition of success is because it brings you some or all of the feelings I mentioned above.

If it didn't then you would unlikely be motivated to include some of these in your life. Well, now you might say that there are likely more nefarious reasons for wanting such things that have nothing to do with joy, peace, contentment etc. For instance what about the need for power and how it drives one to acquire such things?

Well, yes a need for power may do so. Having said that though what is the need for power ultimately trying to achieve for you? Well with power should supposedly emerge a sense of control over one's life and environment. With such control supposedly comes a feeling of mastery, self importance, possibly self esteem, self confidence, invulnerability, fearlessness, and therefore a state of internal peace, joy, contentment, fulfillment etc.

Now whether this need for power actually helps one achieve "success" given my definition is another matter which I may discuss at another time.

In the end, if you follow me so far the end result sought is usually about achieving a pleasing "internal" state of being. In other words, success is actually an internal state, not an external one as many may think. Yes, of course the external situation has a bearing on the internal state but in the end it's what it makes one feel internally that is the ultimate measure of whether one has "made it".

So if you follow me so far then I think you will recognize that there are many routes to success. Some of which have nothing to do with many of the behaviors that some are currently engaging in order to achieve this inner state.

What if you could achieve my definition of success in a simple and easy manner, without all of the hard work that you have been "taught" to accept is necessary would you be interested?

If so kindly let me know.

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