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Stop Reading Success Books and Start Being Successful By Garry Munro

So you want to be successful (whatever that means to you) and you've been to the motivational lectures, seminars and you've read the latest books on how to make a billion dollars in 17 seconds!!!

So where's you billion dollars?

Well, to many of us listen to and read the advice of others but then fail to ACT, so what do you have to do to be successful?

It's not easy to be successful but the answer to achieving it is in taking action and not just going to another seminar and reading another book before you have actually put something into practice that you have just learnt.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is successful people take action and move forward, while unsuccessful people wait for the action to happen around them and stay still.

So what's my point! After reading this article, do at least one thing, no matter how large or small it is, that moves you closer to achieving your goals. By the way, that one thing cannot be looking for one more tip by reading another success book.

Have you really decided what you want to achieve, have you written it down, dreamed it, desired it, time lined it, broken it up into small achievable steps. If the answer is NO then please do it now then go and start living it step by step, if the answer is YES then what are you doing here reading...go out and DO IT...NOW


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