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What is Success Really? By Justin Herald

Every single one of us is trying to reach success. (Whatever that is!)

Whilst success is great and it is great to aim for it, it is more important to understand what it is before we start on our journey. That way we may save ourselves some wasted time and effort.

As I wrote in my first book “Would you like Attitude with that?” and also in my soon to be released book “What are you waiting for?”, success isn’t that easy... If it was then we would all be successful.

You see it is the skill of understanding who we are, understanding what we want, and understanding our faults that will bring us closer to success.

Too many people are trying to keep up with the “jonses”. I don’t want to keep up with anyone! I want to set my own goals, my own standards and my own targets.

I want to just be a “Jones” instead of trying to keep up with people who don’t really matter, better yet, who are probably unhappy anyway.

Every morning I want you to say three letters.


WWH stands for:

What do I want?

When do I want it? And

How do I get it now?

You see many of us would like to have a better job, a better business even a better life, but many of us never challenge our own thinking on a daily basis. Your mind and thought processes will be the main contributor to always falling short.

What do you want?

Do you know yet or do you just want to be like others around you? For many, the answer to this question has been too far away to contemplate for a long time.

Set yourself “tangible goals”. Don’t aim for “success” or even “Riches” aim at things that will bring you a sense of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

When do you want it?

A lot of people are just happy if they survive. If one day something works out for them, the planets are in alignment and they have been dealt a fair deck of cards, then they will be happy.

You see many of us are just waiting to play the hand that we are dealt. You need to take tour goals and dreams by the throat. You need to be like a dog with a bone. Never give up on what you want. Make today the day you decide will be the day that you aimed at your goals.


How determined are you at getting that house, that car, that holiday or the quality time with your family.

Way too many people spend ages trying to find “the right thing” to do to get them to their goals, when in reality it is getting to the goal that is the most important part.

There seems to be a lot of misguided stigma in what we all do as a job. You have probably been at a party where one of the first questions you are asked is “so what do you do for a job?”

I don’t think it is what we do that is the most important key; it is the how well we do it that really counts.

Every day that you get out of bed, every day that you are driving to work, just say to yourself “WWH” and get your thinking back onto fulfilling those goals and dreams that you have set for yourself.

Never stop dreaming

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