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Six Steps to Personal Success By Ed Hutchison

Trying to keep up with the Jones only drags good, honest, hard-working people into more credit debt and despair. The Jonesí lifestyle looks glamorous on the outside with their big house, high class automobiles and other luxury items. However, on the inside, itís only a matter of time before this unstable house of cards comes crashing down.

The following statistics are evidence:

ē Over three million more people are living below the poverty line
ē Over one million more bankruptcies have occurred in the last year
ē Over 70% of divorces are caused by financial issues

It is more difficult to continue struggling than it is to simply apply proven strategies to help you upgrade the quality of your life without all the unnecessary stress.

If your picture of success doesn't match your current life, then now is the time to learn how to...

1. Master Your Mind: Unconscious negative thoughts are keeping you from the financial success you want.

2. Choose Your Mountain: Your financial success requires more than just goal setting.

3. Generate A Passionate Purpose: This will give you more power over achieving success than anything else you can do.

4. Chart Your Course: Learn how to fill the grave of debt in your life forever.

5. Build Relationships You Need: How to treat people so theyíll bend over backward to help you achieve your financial goals.

6. Promote Yourself: Branding isnít just for corporations. Itís vital to your financial success.

You deserve everything that is wonderful! Do you know how extraordinary you are? Letís spend a few moments writing about you and defining the relationship you desire with yourself. Let me give yo...
Visualize success, and what you'll do to reward yourself A goal envisioned is a goal half completed.† Most people find it difficult if not impossible to expend large amounts of energy on something ...


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