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Top Ten Breakthrough Behaviors For Excellence By Jeannette Kraar

1. Be Courageous. Flex your risk muscle and step out of your comfort zone – everyday. Nothing extraordinary will happen without courage.

2. Tell The Truth. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you didn’t know what to say or what to do? Next time, remember this rule. Be courteous, fair and tactful in your delivery, but always tell the truth.

3. Be Consistent. Consistency creates dependability that builds trust, loyalty and support.

4. Take Action Quickly. Bad news doesn’t usually get better. Face it and deal with it immediately.

5. Create Back-Up Plans. Besides death, taxes and the sun rising again tomorrow, the only other thing we can count on is that Murphy’s Law will kick in when you least expect it. Contingency plans are like money in the bank or a trip to a good spa. Back- up plans will bolster your courage, reduce your stress and make your journey to success much more enjoyable and realistic.

6. Whatever You’re Doing, Do it Right The First Time, But When Or If Necessary, Do It Very, Very Right The Second Time. After that, you’re dead meat.

7. Take Responsibility. Not only make things happen, but face up to your actions. Sometimes we all have to accept blame, take the heat or face the music. But always be accountable.

8. Insist on and Maintain High Standards. This is your reputation and a reflection of your values. You can say what you want, but actions really do speak louder than words. To deliver excellence, remember that a job isn’t done until it’s checked. It’s also better to under-promise (without jeopardizing or compromising standards) and over-deliver.

9. Communicate. Be clear. Be specific. Encourage dialog. Connect with others and remember to ask good questions. Listen so you not only hear but understand someone else’s point of view.

10. Seek Constant Improvement and Feedback. Excellence is something we aspire to through learning, application and developed proficiency. Continuously evaluate your performance and outcomes. Adjust as required for continuing growth.

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