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The Science of Getting Rich: Spirituality and Money By A. Helper

1 - Can you live an authentically spiritual life while creating and enjoying material wealth?

2 - Can you build your financial empire and remain pure and true on your spiritual path?

3 - In other words, can you have both kinds of riches, spiritual and material?

The answer is yes, yes, yes.

Of course, many people don’t agree. Perhaps you have heard this aphorism:

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24)

If you have a lingering sense of “spiritual guilt” when you find yourself reaching for greater financial ease, this article is for you.

Where You Live

The first step in finding harmony between your desire for spiritual awareness and your urge to expand your bank account is a simple one. All it takes is following each desire to its origin. There, you find that their roots are one and the same.

From an energetic standpoint, your consciousness is creative. Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, explains that the thoughts you think impress themselves upon an all-pervasive thinking substance and actually create that which you are thinking about.

You are not choosing between creating “spiritually” or creating “materially.” You are always creating “experientially.”

Your material possessions, like your house, or your car, or the cash in your wallet, all live in the realm of your experience. Your awareness in meditation or prayer lives there, too. That is the only place where your life is lived. Your spirituality and your money all live in the neutral ground of your experience. And this is where you create.


The next step in harmonizing your seemingly divergent desires requires you to look around. Look at he sky, the ocean, the Earth, the life forms on this planet, the blades of grass at your local park. No matter where you look in the natural world, you will find abundance.

You don’t even need to look outside yourself. Count the cells in your own body. And when you’re done, count the molecules that compose them. When you finish that, count the atoms in those molecules. Whether you believe that God created this world or you simply hold a sacred reverence for nature, you will notice that the world that reflects Spirit always takes the form of unfathomable abundance.


The old song goes something like this, “It ain’t what you do its the way that you do it, It ain’t what you say it’s the way that you say it ... That’s what gets results.”

There is a path to riches that not only includes spiritual principles, it is based completely on the spiritual understanding of the creative power of thought. When you set foot on this path, two things happen:

===> Your spiritual awareness elevates dramatically.

===> You begin attracting wealth like you never have before.

All it takes is an educated shift in your awareness.

Begin Right Now

You can begin right now. It requires very little but the benefits are great. Wherever you are right now, no matter the time of day, whether you are in the hustle and bustle of the marketplace or in the solitude of your meditation chamber, look at whatever is before you. Look at what is materially manifested in front of you.

Now, reaching deep within your awareness, understand that the chair, or the computer, or the rose, or whatever you are observing was a thought before it was a form.

Once you are comfortable with that notion, realize that all things were thoughts before they were forms.

Once you feel at home with this progressed idea, notice what kinds of thoughts are busy in your mind. Consider the idea that you can and are creating with your thoughts.

Now, imagine how your life would be if you had a system of organizing your thoughts that would allow you to bring the desires of your heart into joyful manifestation.

You have just begun an extraordinarily life transforming process. Practice this often and you will be preparing yourself for great success with The Science of Getting Rich.

© 2005 www.TheScienceofGettingRich.com


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