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What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You? By Graham Harris

When you go to an optometrist nowadays the machinery they use can quickly reveal any health problem you may have. But is this new?

My Grandma used to say that my eyes were the window to my soul. When she looked into my eyes they told her everything she needed to know about me.

In other words she would argue that our eyes are the most powerful communication system we have. They bring in information. And enable us to make sense of the world. However they also give out information. They tell other people about you.

Just stop for a moment. Think about the people you met yesterday.

Who do you feel was uncomfortable or unhappy?

Who do you feel was happy and enjoying themselves?

How did you get this information? Did they tell you or did you just pick it up?

You can gain so much information from peopleís eyes. Sometimes the messages from the mouth and the eyes match and then you are in no doubt about what is going on. And this enables you to build a trusting relationship.

But a large number of people, especially in work, send different messages from their eyes and their mouth. This causes you to feel uncomfortable and not trust what is being said to you.

The bottom line is: whatever you are thinking is transmitted in your eyes.

If you are thinking negative thoughts about the world and yourself then the eyes tell us that.

If you are thinking encouraging or affectionate thoughts then the eyes tell us that also.

Think about the Mona Lisa painting for a moment. Is it the smile that gets you or the eyes? Is the picture so powerful because the eyes and the mouth are in synch? I wonder what she was thinking about when she sat for this portrait. Or was the thought in the artistís mind.

Itís strange isnít it that we can see it in others but not ourselves. When all is not well within us we think that we can con the world that everything is OK.

What about you. Do you try to deceive people by thinking one thing and showing another? How many times have you said, ďIím fineĒ or ďVery well thank youĒ when inside you are really unhappy?

Itís interesting isnít it that although the eyes are the window of the world they are run by our thoughts. Have you ever thought about that?

What you think determines what you reveal to the world. If you think negative thoughts then you feel uncomfortable and your eyes show it.

Donít just take what we say on trust try it.

Think about someone you donít like. Think for a moment about them and what it is they have done to you. Why you dislike them so much.

Now look at your feelings. What do you feel? When I do this I get the feelings of anger, upset, and frustration. All the emotions that take away my energy and make me tired.

Now think of someone you really like. Someone very special to you. Do you feel that smile coming across your face. Do you feel the lightness in your being? Now you can feel the energy recharging you and making you feel good.

And we bet your eyes are glistening too. We bet youíve got happy eyes.

In a nutshell, the way you talk to yourself is shown every minute in your eyes. In the way you present yourself to the world. Why waste energy and your power by talking negatively to yourself? Stop thinking about how bad you are. How useless you are. How incompetent you are.

Instead, think about how good you are. Think about your successes. Think about your good deeds. Think about how lucky you are. Focus on your strengths. Focus on what you like about yourself.

Go on compliment yourself, we will all see a different you and your life will change.

Itís that simple. We promise.

Go on try for just a couple of minutes and discover your power.

The way you talk to yourself is so important.

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

(Marcel Proust)

Good Luck

Graham and Julie

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