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Learn to Operate the Human Machine, Achieve Your Goals, and Optimize Performance By Mark Matus

What if the human organism was simply a complex machine that you needed to learn to operate correctly and the advent of the computer age gave humans the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to achieve whatever they desired. This is not a fantasy, but reality. Every new experience can be seen as the download of a powerful new application, virus, website, advertisement, or an entire system upgrade for you to ingest, and eventually assimilate. Tapping into this concept is one of the keys to making the world a better place. People have always been striving, often in secret, to this end, and many times they were persecuted for their actions. This fear has kept humanity in chains for thousands of years, but it can no longer do so. We have been blessed with the technology and intelligence to ride the wave of civilization into a new age of evolutionary change.

If youíre not feeling powerful in your own life; power over your thoughts, emotions, and actions, every endeavor or obstacle you encounter will be much more difficult to surmount. Too many use their failures as a reminder of their mistakes, associating with the negative, rather than focusing on the positive; something was gained from the experience and you are that much closer to your goal, be it enlightenment or abundant finanancial wealth.

It can take many years of struggle to learn to interface with reality at an optimal level, and levels of improvement will continue to grow with each new experience, much like the diligence it takes to master any new skill. Itís analogous to discovering the wheel, and the transformation that allows it to become any of the myriad inventions which are made possible by this seemingly primitive and basic technology. We are all given this metaphorical wheel when we are born into human form, but we need to develop the skills, and acquire the knowledge and wisdom to retain the resources which make the more advanced possible, constructing a foundation while revolutionizing the current paradigm, and hopefully bringing our species one step closer to our full evolutionary potential.

The more you practice and continue to learn from mistakes and failures, the better your results will eventually be, and the more positively productive you shall become for yourself and the world at large. The beauty of the human experience is the exponential growth which can occur when ideas and experiences build upon each other, so not only inventions in industry and thought, but daily human interaction on the most basic level can have a tremendous impact. Happiness is contagious, and positive energy begets more positive energy, so by treating yourself and others with the utmost respect we are fostering the ideal environment for a flourishing society, built upon mutual wisdom shared amongst the evolving minority.

Create a better world on a daily basis by striving for excellence in all of your endeavors. The treasure of quality workmanship lasts long beyond any instant material satisfaction, achieving an amazing rate of growth when coupled with the desire to make a better world for oneself. Be selfish! Create a better world for yourself, and it will probably get better for others as well. A universal law states that we get what we think about, so why not think in ways which lend themselves to forgiveness of ourselves and others, and transferring that energy into positive, productive resources.

Observe your actions and reactions to as many situations as possible. Self-knowledge is a key to a better world. Self-acceptance is one of the first steps in this journey, because if one is unaware or asleep to their current reality, no amount of action will make a difference. We are all owners of an amazing piece of machinery in the human body, mind and spirit, but we can all improve and sharpen the skills needed to operate an essentially automatic mode of thinking. Humans need to re-awaken to the awesomeness of the opportunity we have all been given by being alive in a time with the possibilities of today, and the years that follow.

Realize that you are the author of the play that is your life and the tiniest spark can be the catalyst for a forest fire of change. Imagine the world if more people were achieving what they truly wanted rather than simply postponing it to a later date. If I devoted an hour a day, or even a week, to action steps devoted to my particular goal, I would be surprised at the compounding effect which occurs. You may need to literally slash and burn your current mental, physical, and spiritual landscape before the soil fertile for positive change can be revealed.

Everyoneís primary goal should be self-improvement and removal of past programming. Habits are created because we train our minds in an incessant manner, by responding to situations in a specific way. Technology has reached a point where therapeutic, altered states of consciousness can be reached without the use of drugs or years of practicing and studying meditation or yogic techniques. Holosync meditation, Idenics, NLP, and the Sedona Method can all be used to achieve this healing state of consciousness.

Itís amazing to think that a new idea could be realized through the transmission of knowledge which eventually leads to a better world. Positive viruses are just as contagious as their opposite, consuming their host and using it to fuel a productive evolutionary change in every aspect of the universe. Letís get together and make the world a better place; we have the power, but many lack the skills, ability, and knowledge to realize their amazing potential.

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