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Achieve Success Now - What Are You Waiting For? By Della Menechella

Are you ready to finally realize your dream? Iím talking about the desire that you carry deep down inside of you that you attribute to some adolescent fancy. Itís the dream that isnít practical and canít possible be fulfilled. Well, it is possible to fulfill it and the time to do so is now.

All The Reasons Why

Many of us think we have very sound reasons why we canít achieve our dreams. However, when you look at them more closely, youíll find that they donít hold up to the light of scrutiny.

I donít have enough time Ė We can always find time to do the things that are important to us. Look at your time wasters Ė too much television, doing everything yourself, not saying no to things that you really donít want to do. Minimize or eliminate these time wasters so you can use that time to work on your goal.

I donít know how Ė You might not know how to do it, but itís possible that other people do. Look at people who have accomplished what you want to do. Study them. Learn from them. What is it that they do that you can apply to your own situation? Take those things that you can use and put them into action.

It will take too long Ė Regardless of how long it takes, the time will pass anyway. If you donít take action now, you will find yourself older and still yearning for the dream that you havenít realized. You are at the perfect time in your life to make your dream to come true.

Itís overwhelming Ė Then break it down into small, manageable steps. What is the first thing you need to do, then the next, and the step after that? Concentrate on completing each task and you will find yourself well on your way to achieving your goal.

Follow These Steps

The first step to realizing your dream is to identify the full scope of what it is that you want. For example, if you want to achieve greater success in your career, what does that mean? Does it mean becoming a department head, does it mean going out on your own, does it mean moving into a different aspect of your industry or does it mean changing careers altogether? If you havenít identified what your goal really is, you will never be able to attain it.

The next step is to decide that some how, some way you are going to attain your dream. Feel the strength of the conviction inside of you that regardless of what happens, you will not be moved from this decision.

Then pay attention to the ideas that come to you about how to move toward your goal. Be careful not to discount these ideas as being dumb or implausible. Very often the seemingly ridiculous ideas are the ones we need to follow to achieve success.

Take steps that move you in the direction of your goal. Sometimes you will take big steps; sometimes you can only take small steps. The size of the step doesnít matter. What is important is that you continue to take action. If you get sidetracked, donít waste time and energy condemning yourself. Just get back on track and continue to move forward.

Envision in your mind how wonderful it will feel to achieve your goal. Play this scene often with you starring in the leading role. This will provide you with the motivation and the spark of enthusiasm to keep trying even after you experience setbacks or challenges.

You can have what you want in life. You do have what it takes to achieve your dream. Stop thinking about why you canít have it and start envisioning what it will be like when you do have it. This is your life Ė what are you waiting for? The time to realize your dream is NOW!

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