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Success - From Your "See" of Abundance By Kenneth Little

You can get success from the "See of Abundance" that surrounds you every day.

You were made to be a person who made something out of nothing. You were made in the Image of God and He specializes in making something out of nothing. Your nothing is a "See of Abundance" in which you swim constantly. You see it when you prepare yourself.

Preparation begins with developing a hope-filled head. Inviting hope into your head is a choice. Keeping it there is a daily renewed choice.

You can fervently hope for an answer to your urgent financial needs. You will have what you hope for, but first you must learn to chase away the enemy of hope - hopelessness. Be encouraged hopelessness is a wimp and must leave your head when given his marching orders.

Once you have trained yourself to have, and hold, hope in your head, then you need to move up to the next level of preparation to view your "See of Abundance". The next level calls on you to build faith in your heart. Now you were born with a measure of faith. God requires you to build on that deposit by trusting and obeying Him. As your faith level rises mix your faith with the hope of your head for a financial breakthrough.

Think of this process as making a cake. A special cake. A Breakthrough Cake. Eating your cake will give you the eyes to view your "See of Abundance". Your two ingredients, so far, are hope and faith and they need to be mixed together well.

The mixing process, using your hands, shows up a third "ingredient" - works. You know faith without works is dead and produces no outcome. As soon as you begin kneading the mixture you have the necessary faith with works. "Works" is you getting busy doing whatever you can to build a prosperous future. You build on the works by using your legs to walk the cake to the "oven".

Somebody asked - "What's the symbollic oven?" The answer is prayerfulness.

Enjoy your Breakthrough Cake as you get the eyes to view your "See of Abundance".

With expectation running high you will find in your "See" the ideas, processes, products, and joint venture partners to create as many new streams of income as you desire.

Give Thanks as you receive from your "See of Abundance" and share the abundance with others.

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