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Top Ten Success Strategies By Jeannette Kraar

1. Believe in yourself and what it is you do. Be true to yourself. Donít be afraid to be unique. Value equally your personal and professional commitments.

2. Develop and maintain high quality relationships built on trust and integrity. Supporting characteristics include compatibility, reliability, responsiveness, confidence and empathy.

3. Understand what you want and create a plan. Then relentlessly apply the plan. And, always have a backup just in case plan.

4. Prioritize. Know exactly where you're going to start each day and what needs to get done. Get organized. Know how and when to delegate to best leverage time and effort.

5. Develop innovative strategies for yourself and your customers. Set up a structure to get over each hurdle and move on to the next. Become an expert problem solver.

6. Respond fast, reacting to questions, requests and problems promptly. Never get tired of providing quality service.

7. Under promise and over deliver. Respect deadlines on promises made. Never, ever forget one single thing you've promised to do, no matter how trivial it seems.

8. Do impressive preparation. Anticipate questions and know the answers. Practice basic skills endlessly to become proficient and confident.

9. Perfect your communication. Verbalize respect. Be honest, always.

10. Remain focused on your objective and work with the end in mind. Remember to pause to evaluate actions and outcomes adjusting as necessary along the way.

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