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Go Ahead Settle For Less By Arthur Buchanan

Why should you settle for less? For that matter, why would anyone settle for less? That is a tough question, and even though some people choose to settle for less, you do not have to be one of them. Let me see what we can do about moving yourselves out of the crowd at the bottom. Do you remember the 1% club? Thatís were you just better yourself 1% than the rest of the world and you are assured of being a winner.

If it was so easy, why no one has everything they want. The answer to that is this, most people would rather do anything but think and this is there down fall! What do you think Napoleon Hill book that sold millions, is called ďThink and Grow Rich? Kind of makes you wonder does not it. Why would 10% of the people of the world control 90% of the worldís money? That is simple they are not afraid to THINK, while the rest of you are settling, getting drunk, instead of thinking. Go to the movies for five straight days instead of reading a helpful book on self-improvement.

Bob Proctor has a saying and it goes like this why worry what the neighbors think. Doesnít worry about what the neighbors think they DONíT? It has a know fact to the human race that if given the chance to quit your job and become indigently wealthy by working for yourself, which anyone can do. They would rather work for a check instead of organizing their thoughts.

God forbid that you would actually use your brain for something rather than watching playboy channel and wondering why your wife does not look that good! I am telling you just remove yourself from the crowd at the bottom and put one foot in front of they other and soon you will be walking through the door.

One word of caution, the people at the bottom have settled for less and they hate to anyone get ahead of you! So donít settle for less than the best and remember that it only takes 1% to raise yourself out of the crowd at t he bottom and then you can be one of the 10% that controls 90% of the worlds wealth, how do we achieve this you may be asking yourself.

Simple donít settle, go to a seminar, learn about wealth from anyone who will teach you, read books on successful people and use there gold nuggets that they leave behind and if you are willing to sustain your thinking the world is really unlimited.

Now I know what you are thinking, not this I can do anything crap again. Well yes, I will say it again, DO NOT SETTLE! NEVER EVER SETTLE! I was listening to my Zig Ziglars tape series how to stay motivated and he was telling a story of how this guy broke his neck in an accident. Could not move any thing but his eye lids, his sister set up a plan so they could communicate.

By blinking his eyes they would talk back and forth, he could not even breath on his own, not even swallow, they said he was not going to make it and if he did he would be a vegetable. Guess what, three month latter, he walked out of the hospital on his own to legs and now goes bear hunting, fishing and he has even learned how to be a pilot. How you maybe asking yourself? As W Clement Stone said, what a mind could conceive it can achieve.

They ask this man how he did it. He says that listening to Zig Ziglar had a big affect on him, but the thing that stands out the most was the fact that, the doctors were basing everything on things they could test and there test looked pretty bleak.

Now what was it for this amazing come back from the brink of death? He simply said he saw himself in his mind from the first say he could remember, he said to himself someday Iíll walk again, now do you remember the movies in the mind? Do you still think it is make believe? You are just settling niot. Now he knew he was going to recover, he said the Drs. Based everything on what they knew and he based everything on his will to get better and in 90 short days he walked out that hospital and has lived an exceptional life!

How, he did not settle, when all the rest of us would have given up and died, he said not me I belong to the 1% club and he by faith raised himself above the rest of the crowd, and guess what? He travels around the country and tells his story to anyone who will listen and now he is rich and he is part of the 10% that controls 90% of the worlds wealth, I asked you again how? HE DID NOT SETTLE, and you my fiend should choose to sustain your thinking on what you want and donít settle and you too can reach to the top.

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