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7 Things Not To Do If You Want To Be Successful By Garry Munro

So you want to be successful but no matter what you do it just doesnít seem to happen, then I offer you the following 7 things you donít do if you want to be successful:

Donít #1: Stop ďwingingĒ it and jumping from one project to the next. (The key to success is planning).

Donít #2: Avoid being limited by logic, advice from friends and waiting for the right time.

(What is logically today is a myth tomorrow. If your friends are successful then listen, but, still make youíre own decision, if theyíre not successful then why take advice from a ďloserĒ. The right time is always now).

Donít #3: Being half-hearted about your goals and dreams will only bring you half-hearted results. (Approach everything with Passion, if the passion is not there then youíll not achieve).

Donít #4: Doing many things at once loses focus and the drive to succeed. (Go for your main goal with the focus of a laser beam and watch the results quickly appear).

Donít #5: Stop procrastinating. (Start NOW, nothing beats action, even making a mistake is far better then doing nothing at all!).

Donít #6: Trying to do everything yourself can be a time waster and a sure way of hitting dead ends. (Seek out people who have achieved what you want to achieve and ask their advice and help).

Donít #7: If youíre not totally committed to the end result, donít start. (Be a 110% committed to finishing regardless of the ďpainĒ along the way).

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