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7 Steps to Getting What You Really Want! By James Jarvis

Step 1 - Vision: The first step is to get clear on the vision for what you want. For example: Several years ago I wanted a new guitar that would allow me to share my music in a more professional way. Even though I was in a little "sticker shock" after looking at the prices of quality guitars I keep going back to my vision of a guitar that would really support me as a performer.

Step 2 - Focus: After the initial visioning the next step involves focusing on what you want until it becomes crystal clear. I looked at and played many guitars before deciding on a Taylor. The only problem was I didn't have the $1400 to just go out and buy it!

Step 3 - Desire: Creating desire comes from focusing on what you want and imagining all the benefits that will come to you. I built my desire by perusing Taylor's website, ordering a catalog and deciding on the exact guitar I wanted. Looking at a picture everyday doesn't hurt either!

Step 4 - Commit: Now comes the bridge between ideas and action. At this stage you commit to do whatever it takes to bring your vision into fruition. It's not so much about planning but more about creating an intention that you are moving ahead even though you don't know the "how". For me, this involved being willing to let go of my two other guitars to make way for my new one.

Step 5 - Plan: The plan begins when you start taking physical action to make things happen. What can you do that will move you closer to your vision? This step entailed fixing up and consigning my other two guitars so I could raise some dough!

Step 6 - Implement: This is where the magic starts to happen! As you start implementing your plan the universe sees that you're serious and starts giving you help. I took in an old violin to sell at a shop and discovered that they had the exact guitar I wanted (like new) for only $799! I ended up giving them a third down and they let me take the guitar home that day.

Step 7 - Evaluate: The evaluation allows you to step back and see how well the whole process came off. I originally thought I wanted a cut-away body style but realized later that the version I got was much better for my purposes.

Now, take some time to review the process you undertook in manifesting a recent vision into reality. You will probably find that you used the same steps in your process. As you become more expert in using this universal manifestation process you can use it to get whatever it is that you want in your life!

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