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Like A One-Eyed Cat Peeping In A Seafood Store By Dean Phillips

Want to be successful in whatever it is you choose to do? Then you need to be focused--just "like a one-eyed cat peeping in a seafood store!"

Guess what that old one-eyed cat see's, when it's peeping in that seafood store? Seafood--that's it! No people, no traffic--just seafood! Now that's what you call "laser-like focus!"

And "lack of focus" is the main reason why most people don't succeed. They don't have that "laser-like focus" that's required for success--that ability to block out everything that's going on all around them and focus on the matter at hand.

I want you to commit this phrase I coined to memory:

"Any success you achieve will be in direct proportion to your focus. The more focused you are, the greater will be your success!"

Here's another example to illustrate my point:

Most people think it was Michael Jordan's amazing talent that set him apart from the other players in the world. And make no mistake, his talent did play a significant role in his success. But what really made Michael Jordan special was his "laser-like focus." He was famous for it. He was totally focused on winning every time he stepped on the basketball court--and he usually did.

It's also no secret that Michael practiced longer and harder than just about anyone else in the NBA--but that automatically comes with being focused. When you're totally focused on your goal, you do whatever you have to do to succeed.

Now after reading this article, I'm sure many of you are wondering, how do you go about getting properly focused for success?

The very first thing I recommend is a complete re- programming of your mind. Because before you can start walking down that road to success, you first have to get your mind right.

In that regard, there are two books I consider absolute MUST reads, if you are at all serious about being successful in whatever it is you choose to do.

The books are, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill and "The Magic of Thinking Big" by Dr. David Schwartz.

Your local bookstore or library should have both books, since they're all-time classics. If not, try Amazon.com. But whatever you do, get those books!

And remember, "Any success you achieve will be in direct proportion to your focus. The more focused you are, the greater will be your success!"

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