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Doubting Success By Charles Bonasera

I’m sure that you can remember a time in your life when you were very much afraid of doing something or about what was about to happen to you. It was terrible, wasn’t it? Your anxiety level went way up and your pulse quickened. You may have felt flushed or even “woozy”. Your heart was pumping such that you didn’t know if it would explode out of your chest. You didn’t know if you were going to be able to handle whatever it was. You doubted yourself and almost “caved in” to the fear. But instead, something very different from what you may have expected happened. It was like a shot of adrenaline was introduced and you “blocked out” the feelings of fear and replaced them with a sense of “having to do what you had to do”. You didn’t think about it…you just DID IT! Somehow you managed to gain the courage to deal with that situation probably in a manner which surprised but later gratified you if you took the time to realize what you had accomplished.

But perhaps you’ve forgotten about that episode and put it in the back of your mind. I’m sure that there are other situations that arise present day which bring about the very same feelings. There’s something about our feelings and minds that most people don’t realize. Once we’ve experienced something and handled it successfully, if you can recall the feelings that allowed you to accomplish whatever it was, you’ll be able to “reconstruct” those feelings once again. Although your mind may experience doubt over your ability, that recollection can change the course of your mind taking you down that frightened, negative, doubtful, unconfident road. Instead, you can become successful once again and add to your already growing repertoire of successes.

Probably one of the reasons you can’t recall your feelings very easily is because you weren’t taught about the importance of feelings in dealing with your life. Rather, you were taught to THINK. In fact, some of the “messages” that you received may have taught you to disregard your feelings in deference to your thinking. But now, you may realize that you have another tool…a tool that will never desert you because your feelings are able to be trusted. At first, you may have a hard time doing that but with practice, it will become easier and, ultimately, become “second nature” and you won’t have to doubt your success again.

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