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The Pygmalion Effect! By Mark Machaalani

The main idea concerning The Pygmalion Effect is that if you believe that someone is capable of achieving greatness, then that person will indeed achieve greatness. In other words, believing in potential simply creates potential.

The Pygmalion Effect may occur all around us wether it be in the workforce, at schools or even at home. Through the pygmalion affect, supervisors can create better employees just by believing in them. This is even truer when working with underachievers. All it takes is really believing.

If for instance, you tell a new teacher at a grammar school - whom has no previous experience with her new to be students-that a particular young student of hers is extremely bright and clever, the new teacher will automatically be more supportive, more encouraging, teach more challenging material, be patient and allow that student more time to answer questions, and provide extra feedback to that student. The student receiving all this attention and absorbing in the teacher's belief learns more and is as a result, better in school. Whether the child is bright or not before hand does not necessarily matter. The main concern is that this new teacher entirely BELIEVES that this student is bright and clever. This is also the case for managers and workers. The manager must purely believe that his or her workers are high achievers, and the results the manager will receive are nothing less.

“This uniquely human phenomenon is called the Pygmalion Effect. It is a persistently held belief in another person such that the belief becomes a reality. The person believed in, being believed, becomes the person whom they are perceived to be.

The self full filling prophecy.”

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