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The Communication of Your Biology & Beliefs By Maria Boomhower

Not only do we communicate with ourselves, but our cells communicate with each other and the environment in order to respond to situations, which ultimately create our belief systems.

Dr Bruce Lipton has done extensive work on how our beliefs and perceptions affect us at the cellular level. Much of what he has written is on what he calls the biology of belief. Both he and Greg Braden speak on cellular interaction, connection and response in the environment.

Cells are very intelligent and have receptor antenna that look at our perception of the environment around us and respond to our beliefs about it.

Certain behaviours are learned from our perceptions, our views and understanding of what we believe to be happening in the environment. In turn we have responses to environment that will play like recorded tapes in our lives every time we encounter that situation. They are like a computer program that starts up each time we encounter the same situation.

Dr Lipton states that each of us has our own PIN #. These receptors on our cells act like antenna, whose keys are also unique. This is our EEG fingerprint.

If you stop to see how you respond to situations in your life, you will start to notice patterns when you are in similar circumstances. It could be about a person, (love, hate or other emotions), an event (Christmas, holidays, summer), or a political issue (abortion, religion, different lifestyles, forestry).

It is important for us to learn perceptions, because perceptions are the responses to the environment that keeps the organism alive, which keeps our cells alive. If we weren't able to do this we could not react quickly in times of urgency or understand why you should not go out in the snow with only your underwear on. Our cells learn quickly and respond quickly to whatever is happening to and around us.

Science has also shown that you can take some of your cells and put them on a petri dish, move it miles away and the cellular antenna will still be tapped into the community. When you have an emotional response your cells respond the same way instantaneously.

Gregg Braden stated that living cells communicate through a form of energy not affected by time and distance. It is a non-local form, an energy that exists everywhere and all of the time.

Whenever we are exposed to a new environment, these perception molecules are created. We learn what we perceive it to be and create a new receiver. These perceptions are an array of signals that we group together to give meaning to something.

Our perceptions then set our beliefs and our beliefs select our genes because our genes are going to set the program to match the environment we perceive. The environment hits the cell membrane, like hitting a keyboard and there the perception of the environment is read and behaviours are activated.

It has also been shown that the vibrations you send out at the cellular level, you also absorb. So when you are sending out negative thoughts, judgments and criticisms, they reflect back to you and you absorb them. This is what causes you to be and feel drain when you are in these states.

This is one of the reasons that it is important to communicate with yourself and ask, what I believe, is it true or beneficial to me and would I like to change my thoughts, perceptions and my life.

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