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Success In The Midst of Your Failures By Kenneth Little

Warning. Don't stop now. You are one step away from the biggest successes of your life. You are about to have an eleventh hour breakthrough and you're the only one who can rob yourself of it.

To motivate yourself to keep pushing forward try these steps. They work. They prevent you from ever becoming a quitter.

1. Decide to Be Transformed

Chose to obey the well-known words, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12.2).

Renew your mind by accepting the best successes in life are often found in the midst of failures. Refuse to allow failure to attack you. Treat it like an unwanted non-paying tenant. Talk to it and say "Fear of failure get out of my mind". For best impact you should add "In the name of Jesus". Try it. It will work wonders for you.

2. Take One Step at A Time

Even if you feel like you're pushing a boulder uphill, keep pushing. Keep it up especially if you've reached the babyboomer time of life.

Don't look up at your personal "mountain top" looming large in the distance. Just keep one foot symbollically in front of the other. Keep going in the direction you're going no matter how discouraged you feel.

3. Make Yourself Hungry for Success

Tell yourself you are so "hungry" to succeed that you refuse to be stopped by loved ones. Convince them you're serious by telling them that this is a do or die experience. And mean it with your whole heart.

Expect success as you, decide to be transformed, take one step at a time, and make yourself hungry for success.

These steps will make sure you're never a quitter and you will encourage yourself to reach the levels of achievement in your dreams.

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