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Does the Fear of Success Really Exist? By Nick Arrizza, M.D.

Many of you have most certainly heard others or yourself use the term "fear of success". Is it possible that anyone could really fear success? Hence does it really exist? If so what are some of its underlying roots?

Let's look at the question of whether it exists first. How many times have you found yourself "knowingly" re-engaging a self sabotaging habit that undermines the quality of your life in some way. I'm sure that you can probably think of many such situations.

If you look closely at the inner forces that cause you to make such decisions to undermine yourself I think you will quickly recognize that it is not because you "want" or "desire" this for yourself. That is unless you have deluded yourself into "thinking" that this is good for you in some way.

If you "think" that undermining yourself is in some way good for you it is most likely because you have chosen to buy into a lie about the finally outcome. Well what could possibly cause you to believe that "undermining yourself" (which, by definition is a state of reducing the quality of your life) is good for you and therefore could "enhance the quality of your life"?

Well one is the "fear" of what you "think" might happen to you or your enhanced quality of life if you were ever to achieve such a state. For instance have you ever found yourself getting anxious just as something good was about to happen to you? Doesn't this seem a bit odd that you should feel this way at such a time? One would think that a more natural reaction at such a time would be feelings of happiness or joy.

Well that anxiety is related to the fear of success. More specifically it likely relates to the "fear of losing that successful state" once it is achieved and the” fear of the disappointment" that would ensue if that were to happen.

The "fear of disappointment" is so heavily embedded in many of us as a result of the many losses we may have experienced during our lives that whenever it gets re-triggered it can quickly derail the achievement of success.

Another fear that forms the foundation of the "fear of success" has to do with the "fear of having to take responsibility for one's self and one's life". What do I mean by this? Well so many of us have become so used to having others make decisions about our lives for us that the thought of us making our own decisions terrifies us.

Such a fear often comes out of a life history of having been punished or berated by others for making mistakes. This leads to a fear of making mistakes and consequently causes us to relinquish responsibility of our lives to others. The hurdle of reclaiming control of our own lives becomes insurmountable. So what do we find ourselves habitually doing then? Well, interestingly, making no decisions and secretly hoping that someone else will be in charge.

It is now possible to reclaim control of your life and to allow yourself to break through that imaginary ceiling called the "fear of success". If you would like to challenge yourself and move on to where you'd really like to be in your life kindly visit the web link below and request an introductory consultation.

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