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There Are No Big Successes By Allen Williams

You know what? Too many people are trying for the "BIG Success" these days.

I'm here to tell you that, well, sorry to burst a lot of bubbles, but there are no big successes.

That's right.


Not one.

There are no big successes.

What Allen? Have you lost your mind?

Maybe :-) but maybe not.

The last NBA Championsip team? The Masters winner? Wimbledon? The Kentucky Derby? American Idol?

Not one of those is a big success.

Each of them are a myriad of tiny successes, and they are piled up on top of one another.

The championship isn't won on that final shot at the buzzer.

It's won during drills and practices. The games played and won, or lost, building up to the final series.

It's won at the free throw line in the first period.

It's won from that 10-foot jumper with 8 minutes to play in the second quarter.

We perceive the success as being derived from that final shot. But fact of the matter is, every little step that was taken, and taken correctly, and taken purposely in order to further the goal, were just as important to the winning of any championship as that shot at the buzzer.

In your life, in your goals, stop searching for big success.

Start finding ways to be successful, step by step, stage by stage.

Each of those mini-successes will accumulate.

And together, you will have what others will see as a big success.

But not you.

You will know the difference.

And you will look back on the little things you have done to make that success happen.

Focus your time, your energy, your resources on creating the mini-successes.

And they will add up to the success in life that you deserve.

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