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If Youíre Not Where You Want To Be In Life, Itís Your Own Fault By Kevin Thompson

Have you ever wondered why youíre not where you want to be in life?

Fact is, we both have at one time or another.

I know I certainly have.

And while I still havenít achieved all of my goals, and probably never will (cause I keep setting bigger ones), I sure have come a long ways.

And you know what happens?

Once you make progress and have some success in your life, your mind opens to what youíre capable of accomplishing.

And thatís where Iím at right now. Iíve had what many would consider a great amount of success, yet I keep pushing forward.

Some people ask me why I donít just kick back and relax for awhile, but thatís just not on my agenda, and hereís why.

My good friend and successful business owner Chet Rowland puts it this way, ďYou know what you want once youíve had a taste of success? You want more, thatís what you want.Ē

And thatís the truth, we want more.

We want more money, more happiness, more love, more time, heck, we want more of everything.

And believe me, thereís nothing wrong with that.

The desire for something more and something better is what keeps this world going around.

Itís certainly what keeps me going.

Cause the fact is, in the past Iíve had it both ways, and Iíll tell you what, more is better.

Now, before you start judging me, let me tell you this, I donít believe that our creator intended for us to be poor. Being poor never helped anyone.

I believe that our creator intended for us to have the very best of everything. Our creator also gave us the means to make this a reality.

Yet many people still donít know how to go about getting everything they want from life.

But Iím going to let you in on the secret right now, and show you how to magnetically attract to yourself the very best that life has to offer.

It all comes down to asking yourself the right questions, yet the truth is, most people truly suck at this.

In fact, theyíre continually asking themselves the wrong questions.

They ask questions likeÖ

Why am I always broke?

Why canít I be at my ideal weight?

Why canít I meet the right woman (or man)?

Why do I have to get up and go to this job I hate every day?

The problem with asking yourself questions like this is that your subconscious mind will immediately got to work and come up with answers for you.

Now, if youíve never had any experience with this, you might be thinking to yourself, ďUh oh, here he goes with that positive thinking stuff.Ē

And you would be dead wrong.

This has absolutely nothing to do with positive thinking.

But it has everything to do with asking yourself the right questions.

So, letís see how we can automatically put your mind to work for you by re-phrasing the questions above.

How can I make an extra $500.00 this month without working more hours?

How can I get to my ideal weight by only making small changes that I can actually live with for the long haul?

How can I go about finding that special woman (or man) to share my life with?

What is it that I really enjoy doing (sometimes called unique abilities) and how can I go about finding a job that will allow me to use these unique abilities?

Are you starting to get the idea?

By asking yourself the right questions, your mind will automatically go to work and come up with the answers for you.

Believe it or not, youíve already done this before, probably without even realizing it.

Let me explain.

Think back to the last time someone asked you a question that you knew the answer to, but couldnít remember right off the top of your head.

Maybe they asked you about the name of a song, who sings it, the name of an actor in a movie or the name of a restaurant.

You start to think about it, and it even frustrates you a little, cause you know the answer.

You might even say something like, ďItís right on the tip of my tongueĒ.

A while later the answer comes to you. It may take a few minutes, a few hours or even a day, but sooner or later the answer came to you.

The reason why? Because you asked your sub conscious mind for the answer.

I use my mind just like this on a daily basis. Hereís how...

As you know, I write a daily health update for you.

How in the heck do you think I come up with all the content for these things?

Itís certainly not cause Iím an accomplished writer. In fact, Iíve had virtually no experience at writing, and I certainly never went to school for it.

This is how I do it (and this is a secret I learned from another good friend, Matt Furey) Ö

Each night before I go to bed I ask myself this question: ďWhat can I write tomorrow morning that will convey my thoughts in the most sincere way, and have the most positive impact on everyone who reads it?Ē

Then, I go to bed. And during the night, as Iím sleeping and my body is re-energizing itself, my sub conscious mind is working to come up with the answer for me.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with the answer. Sometimes it comes to me in the morning.

But most the time I have to get up in the morning, come down to my home office, sit in front of my computer and start writing.

Sometimes Iíll start writing without having a clue what I want to talk about, but then it comes to me.

Just to get myself going, I may start out with something like this, ďI donít really know what Iím going to write about this morning, and I kinda feel a little overwhelmed at the momentÖ hey, that reminds me of a time whenÖĒ

And just like that, it comes to me, and I go with it.

The action of putting my hands to the keyboard and plunking away forces my mind to go to work and give me something good to write about.

I write the daily updates in Microsoft Word and theyíre typically 1Ĺ to 2 pages long. But because I feel so strongly about this particular subject, and wanted to convey my feelings to you, here I find myself at almost four pages.

Your mind is powerful tool, and when you know how to put it to work for you, you can accomplish anything you desire, easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

You can loose the weight you want to loose.

You can improve your health.

You can find the relationship you desire.

You can have the rewarding career that youíll enjoy.

You can have more income and live the lifestyle of your choosing.

All youíve gotta do is ask yourself the right questions.

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