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A Simple But Powerful Personal Development Program By Terje Ellingsen

There is one personal development program that beat all others. Actually, this is the best recipe for success I have ever seen, and if you follow it carefully through the few simple steps it contains, you are virtually guaranteed to succeed in any development or personal changing effort you make. This little program is amazingly simple - you can get beat to the ground by itís simplicity, but it's powerful, very powerful.

Step 1: Try

Whatever it is; nothing successful can happen before you try. Let's say your goal is to earn $50,000 in 6 months by selling e-books about weight loss and exercise on the internet. You make a website, load it up on the internet, submit it to the search engines etc.

Step 2: An Event Occurs

As a consequence or aftermath of your trial, something happens. With the e-business example you are likely to get some traffic or visitors to your site after a few days, or maybe a few people buy e-books from your website.

Step 3: Get Feedback

This means that you receive information about the event and which action that caused it. In this case you tried to earn a certain amount of money by loading up a website selling e-books about weight loss and workout to the internet. And after a few days you also observe an event which shows that a few people have started to visit your site and a few of your e-books have already been sold.

Step 4: Do a Check

Now do a check and compare your effort (your trial) against the result (the event that you've just received feedback about) and finally you check this against your goal of earning $50,000 within the next 6 months. You have only got two sales as a result of what you did a week ago, and you realize that you need to make some adjustments to speed up the process and be sure to reach your goal.

Step 5: Adjust

And this is just what you do in step 5. Think to yourself and ask; I know what I did a week ago and what can I do different today to come closer to my goal faster and safer? You decide to submit your website to a few more search engines, starting up a pay-per-click campaign and rent a mailing list of targeted leads to which you send promoting emails to. Perhaps youíll see where this will bring you faster to succeed with your goal.

Step 6: Success

Success is the purpose: You want success in any goal you try to achieve and you mustn't give up before you succeed. So if you stick with and repeat this procedure you will succeed. Maybe it will take a longer period of time than 6 months or maybe you will reach your goal in less time. The point is - with this method you are guaranteed success if you perform it consistently.

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