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Your Success Goldmine - You Can Unlock It In 7 Steps By Kenneth Little

Your Goldmine is unique and contains nuggets of great price which the world would gladly purchase if only you were willing to Find The Nuggets, Mine Them and Refine Them.

You will find your Goldmine deep within.

It's much closer than you think.

Been having a challenging time lately? Plagued with failure after failure in every area of your life?

Rejoice because the bigger the challenges the bigger will be the nuggets you discover.

You are a candidate to be a Level 1 Success Goldminer.

1. Your Nuggets - How You Find Them

The secret centers on one word- Choice.

Do you really want to find them?

Your desire has to be fired up.

Only then will you benefit from the biblical promise - "Seek and ye shall find". Everybody benefits from this promise - including babyboomers. The good news is you don't have to seek very long or hard. Because your goldmine is your life experience.

The events you've lived through and the skills and knowledge you gained on the way have a million dollar- "gold nugget" - value.

Somebody said you don't know my life , it's been ordinary. Surely that can't be my life you're talking about.

Yes it is.

Your life has been filled with problems which you have found solutions to overcome.

You find your nuggets by asking yourself "What problems have I solved in my life and how do I package my solutions to market them?"

Why are those "nuggets" so valuable? Because people with the same problems don't want to have them and will pay you handsomely to give them the solutions that provide the freedom they crave.

2. Your Nuggets - How You Mine Them

You need to ask yourself quality questions to get commercial grade answers which can earn you serious money from now and until you get to heaven.

Well thought out questions are the key to Success Goldmining.

Ask yourself - "What do I want to be remembered for at my funeral?" This provides a mighty wake-up call for you to reorganize how you spend your time every day.

Be- starting right now- the person you want to be. Do the things done by the person you want to be - every day - every day - yes repetition is the key - .

For example if you want to be remembered as a best-selling writer.

Find a best-selling writer who will be your role model. Do their daily schedule and then , live their lifestyle.

Oh, and by the way. Be prepared for the road to your new lifestyle to be 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration - even if your intent on being a best selling author.

Be the person of your dreams, do what they do and you will then have their lifestyle.

3. Your Nuggets - How You Refine Them

Refine the above discoveries about yourself as you define them. Keeping with the example of the writer. Ask yourself what sort of best-seller you want to be. A fictional writer perhaps? Or maybe a non-fiction specialist? You decide and then enjoy the ride.

Ask others what they think of the nuggets you have discovered about yourself.

Talk about them to others.

Use them for the benefit of others. Teach your chosen skill and you will refine it.

The best way - using our example again - to have a success as a writer is to teach other people how to write. Offer a short course at your local community college.

4. Cleave To Your Loved One

Recent studies have shown that people who have a loved one live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Cherish your loved one. Use your words to let them know you love them. Use your body language to let them know you are devoted to them.

These actions will make it easier for you to long retain your days of being a Success Goldminer - no mater what your age.

5. Continue to Make a Contribution to Society

We were born with a contribution to make to mankind and one of the best ways to foster high energy levels is to continue with your life's work as long as possible.

Be encouraged by the doctor continued to practice in his 80's. His only concession to advancing years was to shut the surgery at noon so he could have a nap.

No matter what your age , continuing your work will help you keep your sense of belonging to the human race and being useful.

Your sense of belonging to the productive part of humanity is the key.

As long as you keep this you will feel successful.

6. Use It - Correctly - Or Lose It

One issue that is gaining in interest is the correct use of the mouth for eating.

Research, 95 years ago, proved slower eating will increase your vitality. You will also only need half the food you usually consume.

Try this for a few meals you will be amazed at the sense of youthful vigor which returns to you.

That's the vigor needed for a lifestyle of Success Goldmining.

7. Have A Vision For Your Future or Perish

Have a clear vision of your future role and work and you will receive the levels of energy needed to carry out that work.

Let it drive you forward to an exciting future.

Remember scripture warns us that - "without a vision the people perish" (Proverbs 29.18)

In review remember, firstly, - Find Your Nuggets and keep a hope - filled thought life, secondly, Mine Your Nuggets and keep faith in your heart .

Thirdly, Refine Your Nuggets - and always have an attitude of gratitude , fourthly, Cleave To Your Loved One, fifthly, Continue to Make a Contribution to Society, sixthly, Use It - Correctly - Or Lose It and finally seventhly, and, most importantly  Have A Vision For Your Future or Perish

These 7 Steps will enable you to discover your Success Goldmine and live the lifestyle reserved for goldmine owners - a lifestyle of success and usefulness.

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