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True Success Secrets Revealed By Kenneth Little

Remember the days of Speed Reading. Courses for $2,500!

Forget Speed Reading.

You can find the secret to true success as you embrace four new types of reading -

1. Need Reading - Reading with a Need in Mind

2. Feed Reading - Reading Like One Shipwrecked

3. Deed Reading - Reading To Be Able to Help Others

4. Seed Reading - Reading to Get Some New "Growth"

1. Need Reading

You will get the most from what you read when you begin your reading with a need in mind.

I only wish I had discovered this technique earlier in life. You should always approach the text with a particular goal in mind. Kenneth Little

It may be to find out more about the life of an Internet success story or it may be learn how a particular process in mind.

Whatever your need make sure before you begin reading that you write out - long hand is best -

"From this book I need to find out..........."

Place your Need before your eyes. Focus on it - then read.

The difference will be dramatic.

2. Feed Reading

Reading Like One Shipwrecked requires that you work up an extreme thirst before reading.

It is a natural principle that whatever you hunger and thirst after you will receive. This is a new level of Need Reading. Your need level now is lifted to the highest level. You read as if your life depends upon it.

You are desperate to partake of what the author has to offer. Imagine how someone eats when they've been 30 days without food.

You Feed Read like that and feel really "full" afterwards.

3. Deed Reading

Deed Reading is reading to be able to help others.

You read simply to be able to do a good deed.To take your new found knowledge and use it to be a help to someone else - particularly somebody you just happen to find in serious need.

You will get a powerful revelation of the Bible verse "It is more blessed to give than to receive"

4. Seed Reading

Seed Reading is Reading to Get Some New "Growth". In Africa they know only too well there is seed for the sower and seed for the eater. When you eat the seed you were given for sowing then there can be no new crop and therefore no fresh batch of seeds.

So with seed reading, some of what you read you "consume" for yourself whilst the rest you read is to provide inspiration and encouragement for others.

You "plant" seeds of hope where there is no hope and faith where this is only fear.

Always remember to plant such seeds after you read.

You will find enduring success as you practice these four new types of reading.

Need Reading, Feed Reading, Seed Reading, Deed Reading - all will enrich your life and the lives of those you sow into.

Get started today and be a blessing to others - and yourself.

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