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Top Seven Ideas For Success By Ravikumar Uppaluri

1. Any work activity, unless initiated at the earliest will not move ahead.Once you begin the work, you will appreciate its scope,likely problems etc.Procrastination and success are inversely related.

2. Depending on the work,you have to work hard, in terms of extended work hours, physical labour or mental labour.Don't leave things as such citing exhaustion or some other trivial reason.

3. Try to understand how you can source help from others in areas where you lack either time or expertise.Many a times networking help you to accomplish tasks within time frame, cost reduction, innovativeness etc.

4. Work with real interest, then work is pleasure.If you cannot have interest, you are not doing justice for yourself or the employer, as the case may be.Understanding the task leads to innovative ideas which in turn generates interest.Compare and compete with colleagues and friends working with similar tasks, a sure way to work with zeal.

5. Have patience till the time you feel, you have followed the above.Till then never loose patience, even if you have to start from the scratch, of course the boss should be willing to give you more time.

6. Resist temptations that divert your valuable mental and physical resources, while on the task.In other words work with concentration.You can relax a while, but not get diverted to unrelated activity.

7. Observe what others have done, their successes, failures, factors and reasons for the same and relate with your mode of operation.Filter the accessible best processes.

The above provides just as a guide, and is not a generalized formula.It is out of observation and own experience, one can frame better rules and ideas for oneself.

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