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Good News - There Are No Big Failures By Allen Williams

Okay, before we talked about how little successes add up to be the big ones, so there are no big successes.

The flip side of that is that would also mean there are no big failures.

Good news, right? Maybe.

Failures come like successes, in tiny steps.

My wife is very fond of telling me I didn't get fat from one spoon of rice.

She's right.

It wasn't just that one. It was the extra one I could not pass up at several meals, or all my meals.

(No worries, I achieved a lot of small successes and my weight is no longer an issue :-)

We all fail in the big things we want because of failing in the little things necessary to make that happen.

Not passing up that donut.

Not using that credit card just 'one more time.'

Not being on time to meetings.

Not following through on a promise.

Not exercising on Monday.

Not passing that test.

Momentum is a fickle thing. It can be negative as well as positive.

Before we talked about small successes adding up to a big success.

Each tiny success, each step in the process carried out properly, each goal met, builds our success momentum.

It's easier to have another success when you have already accomplished some success in the past.

And it gets eaiser.

But the same is true with failures.

They add up. They pile on. They build up into mountains of mole hills.

And the more you have, the easier it becomes to have, well, even more.

Back up. Look at the steps in your process.

Make that first step a success. Then the next one, and then the next one.

And then your little failures will not have the chance to block your success momentum, or to build themselves into their own monuments to failure.

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