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The Need to Win By Nick Arrizza, M.D.

The need to win is espoused as being a virtuous or heroic characteristic by many. It is, in fact, one of the basic motivating principles in our society today. If you asked anyone whether they subscribe to a life based on such a need you would likely be told that life would not be possible without it. After all, is it not supposed to make one feel superior, secure, successful, and fulfilled?

I would however like to take a closer look at this "need" and suggest that in fact it is driven by a deeper and somewhat more sinister force that most choose to deny is working in them.

In order to do this I will ask the question: "For these individuals whose lives are so dominated by the need to win what is actually driving this need? Well if you scratch the surface, I think you will see that this need can only come from deep feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. That is because, by definition, "a need for something" implies that that something is "lacking" in the first place.

So if one has a "need to win" in order to make themselves feel superior, secure, special, better than the rest, happy, joyful , successful and fulfilled, then it goes without saying that they, if they choose to be honest with themselves, deep within are lacking these very experiences.

Until and unless these experiences can be fulfilled the "need to win" will continue to run their lives. In other words they will be enslaved by it while all the time "thinking" and "professing" that it is a good thing.

If one looks at the impact that the "need to win" has on an individual one notices some or all of the following: addictive (i.e. out of control) behaviors such as trying to out do others constantly, propping themselves up constantly, putting others down, a hyper vigilance, a feeling of paranoia, feeling tense, feeling insecure, having to work very hard to "secure the ramparts" so to speak etc.

In other words what we see is an individual who is actually "not" in control of themselves. Hence one who really has very little mastery over their own lives and over their inner emotional state. How successful and fulfilled will such an individual feel? Very little, I'm sure.

If they were to stop and recognize how they are being "seduced" and "undermined" by this "need to win" they might have a chance at freeing themselves from it and truly regaining control over themselves and their lives. There is in fact a way to do this with a tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM).

If you are such a person, who needs desperately to win, stop for a moment and notice what this, is really doing to you and your life. If you recognize that this is not a pleasant experience and wish to finally be free and at peace (what most of us are really searching for I feel) then you may wish to visit the web link below for an introductory consultation.

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