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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #21 By Tami Close

You deserve everything that is wonderful! Do you know how extraordinary you are? Letís spend a few moments writing about you and defining the relationship you desire with yourself. Let me give you an example that I use for myself:

Tamiís Life

I am spiritually minded
I am financially responsible to me [the family.]
I am free to be me.
I respect myself.
I exercise each day.
I meditate each day.
I express gratitude each day.
I laughÖ..wet your pants laughterÖ.each day.
I use affirmations each day.
I use RET and EFT each day.
I have tons of fun.
I eat nutritious food each day.
I take fun vacations.
I play each day.
I shake my bootyÖ..WAHOO!
I forgive myself and others.
I do deserve everything that is wonderful.
I say Iím sorry and make it right with others when Iím disconnected from God.

Now you write down the relationship you have with yourself. Remember to express as if it is already occurring. Act as if. You can use some or all of what I wrote or create your own. Remember love is a verb so when you say you love yourself, what action steps do you take to show that you indeed love yourself. What do you do each day for yourself?

Believing and receiving what you deserve is still the #1 issue that my clients all have at their core. When you have ďI donít deserveĒ at your core, you will sabotage things that are wonderful that come into your life. Sabotage is very powerful and you donít even recognize thatís what youíre doing. It becomes such a pattern of behavior that is difficult to change.

As Iím dating, I have had this come up for me. It took a wonderful man to help me work through it. For you see I had been the giver in my former marriage and didnít know how to receive. I had learned ďI donít deserveĒ in childhood. Thus, it had carried over into my adulthood. Can you relate to this? Iím much better at receiving but that has taken daily work. Yes, I have to do energy work and the daily activities I describe because I have stuff that comes up. There are times when I have to amp it up like during this dating process.

I have a great energy session focused on sabotage. I have done this session with clients and it is very powerful. You get the release you need and we discuss a daily plan to focus on your goals and transform your life. You also get to be part of my weekly support calls to help you. This is intended to get to the root of your overeating habits. Do you think you have ďI donít deserveĒ at your core? If you say yes, Iíve got the answers for you. Check out my website at http://www.tamiclose.com and you can take part in an energy session. You might also want to check out http://www.closekeptsecrets.com where you can hear a recorded message of my voice. This website is focused on the Isagenix products that I use as part of my weight loss program. . Now, ready to have some fun? Repeat after me.

I put everyone before me.
I like being last.
I like struggling.
I like disappointments.
I like having no control over my life.
I like feeling frustrated.

Now, was that really fun to repeat those phrases? I donít think so. These are some of the emotions that are underneath your weight. Donít you think itís time to clear them to become all you can be? Make a commitment to yourself and give me ONE HOUR; youíll see a huge difference.

Now letís repeat the following with excitement and enthusiasm. Jump up and down and really get that booty moving and shake it all over.

I do deserve!
I do deserve!
I do deserve!
I do deserve!
I do deserve!
I do deserve!
I do deserve!
I do deserve!

Feeling great, arenít you? You were born to deserve everything that is wonderful. Remember this. It is your birthright. God wants it for you. Heís been very patient in waiting for you to get it. Arenít you ready to please Him?

ONE HOURóthink about it!!

Love and hugs,


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